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Ignite  the  fire  within  you


Have you always known deep down that you have a greater purpose to share with the rest of the world?


Maybe you’ve been resisting it… or maybe you’re like me and you’ve known from the age of 5 you were meant to be an entrepreneur...


The calling to start a business and lead others keeps tapping you on the shoulder.


I know how you’re feeling. As a corporate life’er turned entrepreneur I decided I would no longer resist my calling to something more...


Read my full story here.

Be  part  of  the  movement

Longing for community and connection while building your own business …


Are you someone who is:


  • Passionate about health and wellness

  • Passionate about helping others

  • Fun, light-hearted and soul driven

  • Self-led, entrepreneurial

  • Has a genuine interest in the well-being of others

  • Wants to make a BIG difference in this world

  • Thrives on personal and professional development and enjoys leading a team

  • Loves being part of a team, works hard and is looking for a business that can provide financial support as well as serving

  • Enjoys teaching others

  • Willing to dedicate 10-15 hour a week to be an Educator (teaching classes and time spent on training/development)

  • Looking at making residual income

Jennifer is a passionate , hardworking , fun loving woman. She dives into her business with drive and compassion and she has helped so many people in her life. She will do everything to make others happy and she shows that in her business and everyday life. Jen, you are an Angel. Thank you for everything you do day in and day out for us.




dōTERRA Wellness Advocate, Team Member



Looking  at   sharing  your  gift  with  the  world?


Have you discovered your purpose and are searching for a way to shine your soul's desire?


Are you already in the health industry and looking to expand your market?


OR, do you feel you have more to offer in this life but aren't sure what your true gift is just yet?


We can help you pull out your true potential and direct it into a meaningful business. We are currently seeking individuals to join our team of Educators.


In a time where the world is so desperate for change, WE are here to SPARK THAT CHANGE! 



You will be provided FREE mentoring and coaching through our 3-month training program, as well as ongoing training and development.



Day in the Life of a Wellness Advocate and Educator on our team:
 Connect with new customers

 Follow up with potential clients/Educators


 Weekly: 1 event/Class or 2 one on ones, 10 hours minimum invested into growing your business; 1 team  call; 1 mentor/training call for first 3 months to get you launched


If this describes you, then you fell onto this page for a reason. 


Take this as a "sign" and click below,


Your new journey starts here...

Jennifer rules with an iron fist, that is bedazzled in pink jewels. Anything she sets her mind to she accomplishes. She runs a tight ship, with tough love, in a party like atmosphere. She's the perfect balance of business and fun!




Senior Divisional Manager