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Start Your Wellness Business

Ignite The Fire Within You…


Have you always known deep down that you have a greater purpose to share with the rest of the world?


Maybe you’ve been resisting it… or maybe you’re like me and you’ve known from the age of 5 you were meant to be an entrepreneur...


The calling to start a business and lead others keeps tapping you on the shoulder.


I know how you’re feeling. As a corporate life’er turned entrepreneur I decided I would no longer resist my calling to something more...

Be Part of The Movement

Longing for community and connection while building your own business …


Are you someone who is:

- Passionate about health and wellness

- Passionate about helping others

- Fun, light hearted and soul driven

- Self-led, entrepreneurial

- Has a genuine interest in the well-being of others

- Wants to make a BIG difference in this world

- Thrives on personal and professional development and enjoys leading a team

- Loves being part of a team, works hard and is looking for a business that can provide financial support as well as serving

- Enjoys teaching others

- Willing to dedicate 10-15 hour a week to being an Educator (teaching classes and time spent on training/development)

- Looking at making residual income