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Corporate Life'er Turned Health Entrepreneur

While most children played with barbies, I was running my own car dealership at the age of 5.


My father, a General Manager in the car business, would bring home sales agreements and catalogues, and I would make sales to my sister and dolls.


I knew from a young age I was a true entrepreneur.


Following University, I decided to get a "real job".


Starting off in sales for the largest fitness chain in Canada, I very quickly rose to the top in the company, hitting targets that were unheard of before.


In 2007, I landed my first big time promotion at the age of 23 as the General Manager of my own club.


For the coming years, as I managed multiple different locations, worked upwards of 50-60 hour weeks, yet I still always had a "side business" I ran myself.


I always knew I was meant to be my own boss. I was great at my job, loved what I did, excelled at creating a booming culture and team engagement (which of course resulted in high sales), yet there was always a piece of me that wanted to design my own life. 

Back to 2006... I had my very first panic attack. It was my first year in my new corporate career, I was burnt out, run down and vulnerable to exhaustion. I was diagnosed with a severe anxiety disorder and chronic panic attacks. For over a decade I suffered from these anxiety and panic attacks. It was so severe that some days I had up to 5 episodes. 

I was juggling my career AND managing these severe cases of adrenal defeat. I spent my weekends escaping from the weekdays, by indulging in alcohol and sleeping all day long.

I knew that something was OFF.

Something had to CHANGE.

I knew that there had to be a way to feel healthier, more engaged, more productive, lit up…

I started to explore the world of alternative and natural health. I saw an upwards of 40 different practitioners in 5 years.


I was so intrigued by the connection between the mind and the body and emotions, I couldn't stop learning and doing! I ended up getting my certifications in some of the disciplines that helped me (Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Energy Healing, Certified Coach) and started a blog website, My Mind Fitness- which is all about a Holistic Approach to a Fit & Healthy Mind. 

Although my mental wellness was getting better, I couldn't seem to fully move forward. I had this desire to be the best in my career, but it was making me emotionally unstable. 

August 2014... My body had hit a point where it became so stressed and unbalanced that I literally had to hand my boss a two week medical leave so I could get well again.


In these two weeks I had some major decisions to make. 

When I stopped loving my days, I knew I had to begin looking for a new way to earn a living.


I always had this spark in me and I was ready to make that jump.


I went back to work and stepped down from my position and took on a 9-5 role within the company (and a 50% pay cut!), that would allow me to spend more time building my other dream; turning my blog, My Mind Fitness, into a coaching practice. Once I had made this decision, the Universe opened up a new door.


That’s when I was introduced to the dōTERRA business model. Offering clients, families and friends the opportunity to use natural and alternative remedies to help support their health & wellness, fit perfectly into my vision.


I fell in love with the company, the integrity, the compensation plan, the heart, the mission statement. The science. The centuries of proof in nature.

I retired from my Corporate career 7 months into my maternity leave, 1.5 years after starting my dōTERRA business.

Imagine you spent the next 2 years building your own business, so you could live the rest of your life like most people won’t?


That’s what it took for me to replace my full time income & more.

Two years to create a massive lifestyle change.


To retire my husband at 36.


And to build a career and business that lights me up every single day.


  • No alarm clock.

  • Feeling financially free.

  • Laptop lifestyle.

  • Helping others.

  • Time with my daughter.

  • Pursuing dreams.

  • The list goes on…


I have helped coach, mentor and train over 100 women to start their own wellness businesses in the essential oil industry and now I want to help YOU.


As a Diamond level ranked leader (top 7% globally) in my company, I have a proven system and track record of building a successful business, retiring from my corporate career, in less than 2 years.


If you’re ready to learn more submit your info in the application form by clicking here.