Finally A Program That Shows You How To Be The BOSS Of Your MOODS!

What  to Expect

first 30 days

Set the foundation

You begin using the products in your starter kit (wellness plan will be given by Jennifer once your oils arrive). You have created new lifestyle habits.

You start to notice the small changes as you follow along the challenges that are dropped into your inbox weekly.



feel the difference

Maintaining consistency with the foundational nutrition changes, you start to feel more energy, better moods, better sleep, less pain and more vibrancy! You are becoming intuitive in selecting what aromatherapy blends are best for you and your desired moods.

the full 90

long lasting changes

You've now completed the weekly challenges, levelled up your nutrition and committed to using the power of aroma to shift your moods moment by moment- congratulations! You have done a 180 and feel like a new person! You are inspired and excited to continue with this new lifestyle...

Ready? Let's Get Started!

Getting started is going to be different for everyone which is why in this program it’s all about making a choice that's right for you. My personal favourite is the Natures Solutions Kits since it will makeover not only your medicine cabinet, but your lifestyle. It covers reducing toxic load, emotional aromatherapy and most importantly, the foundational necessities of nutrition. You are getting the most amount of value for your dollar!

The Daily Health Habits Kit has is my definite next best pick if you're more looking to just “get your feet wet” while still setting the foundation to your health. It’s a great way to see where you can dig deeper into finding out how to support your body. This kit will support you for the first 30 days.

Choose your desired starter kit. The Natures Solution featuring the full nutritional line + aromatherapy blends; or the Daily Health Habits featuring a more basic starter line up. Once you have checked out and purchased the kit, I will receive an email notifying me you got started. Please connect with me as well and we will book your wellness call

As soon as your kit arrives we will hop on the phone so I can take you through your new products and map out your customized 90 day plan. We will set you up with the remainder of your products depending on your needs (you will want to continue on the nutritional supplements and possibly look at other specific oils you may not have in your tool box). You will then begin the 90 Day transformation

You will follow the weekly emails that will automatically arrive in your inbox. These sets of challenges will be the key to your success along with following your wellness plan! 


My Story

When I was 22 I was diagnosed with a severe anxiety + panic disorder. 

Dealing with the challenge of strengthening my mental health was a decade long gruelling journey. For 10 years I spent most of my days in a chronic state of anxiety, having experienced at least 3-5 panic attacks at daily, just counting down the hours until I could climb in bed and rest... before having to wake up and do it all over again.

I felt broken. Damaged Goods.

I tried EVERYTHING. Anything to numb the feelings, change my moods, tactics to deal with the anxiety, you name it. NOTHING WAS WORKING.

It wasn't until I came across a program that changed my life. It was completely focused on LIFESTYLE. Eating right, meditation, rest, communicating with my mind an body, basically-- it was a holistic approach to me gaining a fit & healthy mind.

This program turned out the be the catalyst for my 180 change. It took a few years of going back and forth implementing the habits. Once I TRULY and FULLY dove ALL IN is when I finally recovered. I always thought I would be "Just a Girl with Anxiety" but now I know there is really life on the other side. There are simple and effective tools and lifestyle changes that can give you your LIFE BACK and better than ever!


Now I am here to teach you what I have learned and how to get there NOW, not waiting years hoping there's an "easier way". This is the way, let me take you there!

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Note: This program is exclusive for new account holders (not currently enrolled) with dōTERRA through Jennifer Bitner. If you are an existing customer on Jennifer Bitner's team please contact with your ID number. If you already have an account and are NOT with Jennifer Bitner, please email to get access to the 90 Day Transformation program for a seperate fee (will need to purchase the required products on your own account).

Please note the information provided to you in this e-book is for educational purposes only and not intended to replace medical advice. Enjoy responsibly!