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© 2019 Jennifer Bitner. Mind Fitness is a Registered Trademark of Jennifer Bitner.

Jennifer Bitner has traded in the hustle + burnout for purpose + flow. 

She now teaches women how to live a life of less stress and more freedom.


She spent over 10 years as a General Manager in the fitness industry, quickly climbing the corporate ladder exceeding sales records and gaining many accolades for her success. It was during this time she was also riddled with a severe anxiety and panic disorder. Her imbalanced state of mental health is what triggered her to make a change. She left her corporate position and started her own business with freedom and flexibility, Mind Fitness (specializing in emotional aromatherapy). Soon after she co-founded and built an international selling planner company from scratch with $0 investment. 


From breaking six figure sales records in under 6 months in the corporate world, to launching her own international network marketing business, Jennifer became the top 7% of highest income earners in a billion dollar company. Jennifer has been on both sides of the hustle. She has experienced a life that led to anxiety and overwhelm, then she learned how to balance all areas of her life and move forward with purpose and ease. She’s now discovered that leading people to their success, in a HEALTHY way, is her calling. 


She’s a guru in time leveraging, energy prioritizing and organization and she specializes in teaching women how to launch a wellness business and create a life they love.