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Do you own a business in the health and wellness field and looking to increase your annual income?


I get it.


I was there.


I actually started my own coaching practice in 2014 with a dream to help as many people as i could move towards emotional wellness. After a few months of doing speaking engagements, trade shows, social media posts + launching a new website, I realized I was going to need a lot more than my passion and charisma to make a huge impact and leave a legacy.


I knew I had a message to share, having spent a decade with severe anxiety and panic attacks {which was dramatically reduced after incorporating holistic + natural tools} but I didn't really have a platform to share it.


Enter, dōTERRA essential oils.


I was introduced to this line of integrative plant based remedies a few months after launching my business My Mind Fitness, and I was hooked! Not only did I get immediate powerful results, but I was blown away by what the company was doing around the world on a global scale.


I saw the opportunity for me to share my story, my message, and help so many people than if I was to stay playing small in my practice. 


Since the day I decided to partner with this company, I have helped over 100 women launch their own health businesses, over 40 health practitioners bring this product into their existing practices + clientele, and over 1400 customers bring these oils into their homes.

Here are my Top 3 reasons why YOU need to bring doTERRA into YOUR wellness business.


1. Retail opportunity: if you are a small independent business owner (not a franchise) you can retail the product on your store front shelf. You will earn free product credit plus 25%-100% profit on all purchases. No brainer!


2. Residual Income: You can offer free workshops at your practice, studio or clinic space, which will not give added value to your clients, but it will allow you to TEACH more about the oils, and then people can truly experience the power behind doTERRA’s product, and therefore become wholesale customers with you. This is where your residual income will come into play. As clients reorder from their own account, your business grows. Rather than trading your time for dollars, you are truly making an impact on peoples health and empowering them to achieve their own wellness at home without you. 

3. THE PRODUCT SELLS ITSELF!! If you are working with clients all day, they are likely buying form your recommendations anyways. And I bet the companies you recommend aren’t offering you a generous retirement plan. dōTERRA is the largest essential oil company in the world, industry leader for customer retention and the ONLY company to do what they’re doing when it comes to the quality standards for essential oils and integrative medicine. Your clients are LOOKING for answers. If not from you, they WILL bring dōTERRA home from someone else. BE their solutions, offer them what they’re looking for.


If you would like more information on how you can marry your existing health business with this exceptional product, and partner with this global leading company, {and ME of course!} then I invite you to book a call below.


I am always open to connecting with other Heatlh Entrepreneurs who are looking at radically changing the game of of our healthcare system, and leave a more powerful legacy.