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© 2019 Jennifer Bitner. Mind Fitness is a Registered Trademark of Jennifer Bitner.

I was done self-medicating, living through bouts of depressive states and hopelessness.


I knew my life was meant for something bigger.

I knew my greatest challenges would be my greatest gift to offer this world. 


Severe anxiety is no easy feat! When nothing else in the Western Medical world worked for me, I started to dive fully into my own research. I knew my body was off balance- but why?


Through self-education, continuous work with alternative/integrative health practitioners and learning how to create a shift in my thoughts/perspectives, I have become an emotional wellness warrior! 


I started my own blog website, turned coaching practice, My Mind Fitness in 2015. 


Shortly after, I brought Essential Oils home, and almost instantly decided I had to share these gifts of the earth with as many people as would listen! 

I am now living the life of my dreams. 

I am Certified as a:

* Professional Coach
* Neuro-Linguistic Programming Practitioner
* Energy Worker
* AromaTouch Technique Practitioner


I am also Natural Health Educator on the use of plant based medicine (emotional aromatherapy) and Host of a new iTV Series, Mind Fitness™- modelled after my vision of teaching the masses all about a Holistic Approach to a Fit & Healthy Mind. 


I bring purpose and passion to raising awareness and positive steps to gaining new perspectives and busting through limiting beliefs.

You can find me in my glory, teaching Corporate Wellness workshops, group workshops (stress detox, essential emotions, essential oils) or running events for the meet up group I created, Canadian Women Entrepreneurs. 

I preach on how you are meant to serve the former version of yourself, and for me, that means standing up for healthy minds everywhere! 

I believe as we elevate our community with our mission of bringing a voice to our cause, we all rise together. 

Are you ready to change YOUR life? 

Get started on using Essential Oils for you and your family's health, or take it one step further- and help me make a bigger global impact, by educating others on the use of plant based remedies.